How to use Product customizer?

In the Product customizer part, you can set up the options and variants. And it will be helpful for you to add the different attribute options for different product components.

Here's what you should know:

The " Question" below is equivalent to "Option", and the "Answer" below is equivalent to "Variant".

🐾Steps to set up the questions and answers🐾

  • Add new question >> choose a question type: Color or texture, Visibility of 3D Components, Groups and Blank 

  • Rename the Product Customizer Title

In the product customizer there are four  Question types  in the Add new Question:

🔴  Color or Texture

In this section, you will configure the colors and textures of your 3D components so that your customer can easily select them

✔️ Rename the Question title ✔️Choose the input type you want.

✔️ Add description

✔️ Set up Camera Angle

✔️ Pick the model component

When the components are selected, then the specific color/texture option will apply to the selected parts.

✔️ Add a color/texture answer

Choose the colors/ textures type that your product supported, and name the color/texture answers, such as yellow, grey, or white. 
Choose the color that matches the answer by color picker or upload the corresponding texture image locally

  • Save the settings

🔴 Visibility of 3D Components

In this section, you must configure your variants by displaying or hiding the 3D components.

You can rename the question and answer, change the input type, add a description, change the camera angle, and add 3D components just like the "color and texture" part. The only difference is that it allows you to add a:

✔️ Component answer

Note: To add a component answer you need to select the model component first

Once you're done click Save.

🔴  Group

In this section, you can combine the various customizations you have.

You can rename the title, add a description and adjust the camera angle just like other question types; the only difference is that you can add a new question and group them into one.

✔️ Add new question

Once you're done click Save.

🔴 Blank

In this section, you can give your customers the option of having or not having visual effects on their chosen products.

After you are done, please click Save and Publish.

Note: Only the Thumbnail button can show the color/image swatch that you selected.

Feel free to chat with our support team if you have any questions.😊

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