How theme editor works?

The theme editor will allow you to customize the background of your model product page to make it more compatible with your Shopify store theme style or page style. Below are the following areas that can be customized:

 🔴 Customizer Title

The background color, font color, and font size of the Customizer can be changed in this section.

 🔴  Question Panel and Question

In the question panel, you can specify whether the panel should be positioned to the right or left, and you can also customize the background color, border color, border thickness, hover background, and error color. The Questions, on the other hand, allow you to change the font color and size of the question. 

 🔴  Answer

This section allows you to customize the answer border color, border thickness, text color, font size, description font color, and size.

 🔴  Thumbnails Button

This button refers to the button that can be found in the answer part, the thumbnail rounding can be adjusted and the size also be.

 🔴  Text and Input BackgroundThis section only applies when selecting the "Dropdown" input type in the product customizer. The answer's background color, button height, rounding, font color, and font size can all be customized. It is also possible to change the background and font colors of the dropdown menu.

 🔴  Customizer

This section allows you to change the model's (1) loading icon color, as well as (2)background color and (3) add to cart loading.

 🔴  Summary Title

You can choose to enable or disable the summary title that appears next to the question. The font size and color can both be customized. 

 🔴  Add to Cart

The add to cart button's font color, background color, and hover color can all be changed here. 

 🔴  Price

In this part, you can choose whether the price or currency should be displayed on the left or right. The font color and size can also be changed.

 🔴  Translation

The translation is only applicable to the add to cart button, which can be manually changed to the words you want to appear on that button.

 🔴  Reset

When you click the reset button, you will be given the option to restore your original customization. However, once you've decided to reset it, your current modification will no longer be recoverable. As a result, you must be cautious when resetting it to avoid losing any modifications and spending too much time editing it again.

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