What is the 3D/AR viewer?

It is where you set up the 3D model effects and enable the AR which will provide your customer with an interactive and immersive shopping experience like never before.

To get started, click (1) 3D/AR viewer and (2)Enable the AR by clicking the button. After enabling the AR feature then you may already (3) Click the 3D model and edit the effects.📌 Display

You can configure your model's background display by choosing its background manually. You can also check the boxes to display Grid, auto rotate, and auto animation.

📌 Light

You can change the model exposure as well as the hemisphere light, point light, and ambient light in this section. 📌 Dimensions

In this section, you can enable the dimension and manually enter the measurement, as well as change the font color and size. 📌 Original Camera Angle

In this section, you can specify the camera angle of the model that your customers will see when they visit the product page.

Once you're done click save. Remember to always preview your changes before making them live on your store by clicking the copy link. This will allow you to see how the changes will look on your store, and make any necessary adjustments before publishing.

Feel free to chat with our support team if you have any questions.😊

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