How to Utilize the Engraving Feature?

Engraving features allow you to display custom text in the model. To customize the engraving function kindly click the " Product Customizer"

And select (1) " Add New Question" and choose (2) Engraving.

After selecting the engraving, you can (1) Rename the title, add (2) Add a Description and (3) Set up the Camera Angle

Then, configure the "Text engraving location" by clicking on the 3D model to select the engraving location, then modify the field that is available and the text engraving style.

You can also modify the  Box scale, you can adjust the height, width, and thickness of your Box to fit your needs. You can drag the slider to increase or decrease the size of your Box. If you want to adjust all three dimensions at once, you can use the "Lock" option. When you click on "Lock", you'll see that the height, width, and thickness sliders are all linked together. This means that when you adjust one slider, the others will adjust automatically to maintain the same proportions. You can also select (1) Text alignment and (2) Rotation of the text. It is also supported to (3) Manually select the engravable component that is hiding behind others by enabling the button. 

Next, let's set up the Text Content Settings. 

With this feature, you can set a  Title for your text and set up the Font style options that your customers can choose from. The Title option will allow you to set a title for your text, which will help your customers understand what the text is for. 

The " Size" option will allow you to adjust the font size of your text. You can drag the slider to increase or decrease the size of your text. You can also enter a specific size in the text box to set an exact font size. 

To choose a Font color, click on the "+" sign next to the "Color" option. This will open up a color palette where you can select the color you want. 

And lastly,  you can turn on the " Mandatory" option, which prevents your customer from placing an order without providing the engraving content.

Once you're done click save. Remember to always preview your changes before making them live on your store. This will allow you to see how the changes will look on your store, and make any necessary adjustments before publishing.

NOTE: Please contact our support team if you need adjustments to your 3D model components where you want to engrave the text.

Feel free to chat with our support team if you have any questions.😊

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