Information needed

What information is required before creating the model?

  Each piece of information you've given us is critical because the more detailed the information, the better the restoration of the modeling results, and thus the better the display art.

Will it influence the final effect if we can only provide the product images?

The more detailed the product information provided, the higher the restoration of the modeling result. It will also produce a better artistic effect, with more realistic results. The delivery time of the model will also be shortened.
We can still build the model if you only have product images. But the more information we have, the more accurate and artistic the result will be.

 Where can we get the product's design file and 3D model file?

If you have the design department, then you can ask for help from them. If you have suppliers, then you can try to contact them.
But if you don't have any product design files or 3D model files, no worries, we can still make it for you.

We already have a 3D model, will the price be cheaper?

The price will be determined by the time spent in the process. If only fewer modifications needed to be applied, then the price would definitely be cheaper.

Will the model show the inside part of our product?

Yes, we can make it, it depends on your needs. If you need, we can both make the inside and outside structures and details.

Feel free to chat with our support team if you have any questions.😊

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