What are the advantages of 3D Configurator?

The 3D configurator allows you to visualize and customize products based on a variety of criteria. Brands that use 3D configurators on a regular basis generate more qualified leads, spend less on lead generation, and have higher rates of conversion. It literally helps your eCommerce business in every way. 

🤩Below are the advantages of using a 3D configurator:

📈 Improve sales conversion rate and reduce chargeback rate:

Customers’ hesitation and doubts about the actual effect of products are often one of the reasons for hindering sales conversion. Replacing 2D images with 3D models enables customers to see the product through a 360° view by clicking and dragging, and a real-time preview of the model when selecting variants. This can virtually eliminate the inconsistency of understanding between the physical object and the picture. It will greatly improve the sales conversion rate and decrease the return rate of the product; at the same time, it will be so helpful to reduce communication costs and save precious time.

 ⏰ Shorten the time for consumers to make a purchase decision

With the intensified competition in the cross-border e-commerce sales environment, stores with better and more efficient product displaying effects can greatly improve the shopping experience of consumers. And the effect of shortening the time for consumers to make purchase decisions is obvious, especially for products with higher unit prices and customized products, and customers also tend to choose higher-priced variant options.

🤝 Enhance customer trust and build brand reputation

It will be so helpful to minimize the cognition gap between pictures and real products, make "what you see is what you get" possible, enhance customers' trust and reputation of the brand, and lay a solid foundation for your brand to be international.

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